Black bachelor dating show

I remember seeing a well-dressed white man with a perfect smile stand next to a bed of radiant red roses, facing a wall of women lined up like pageant queens. The genuine pain of not being chosen was a feeling I recognized, and I turned up the volume in time to hear the rejected women tearfully express their disappointment. I felt at once ambivalent and empathetic. But over the next few weeks, as willing white women in their 20s were whisked away to exotic locations for shared dates with a man they professed to want to marry, I realized how unrealistic the extravagance of love and courtship afforded them felt. To me, the love-at-first-sight storyline came to seem like a white-washed fairy tale. I, like most of my other black female friends, had been single all of my adult life. I didn’t even know if I wanted a husband; I just wanted a boyfriend. And so I stopped watching. Black women were not bachelorettes.

A brand new dating series is looking to cast sexy, single women who are looking for love and would be interested in dating a successful black bachelor on a new reality television dating series.

We are looking for sexy, vibrant young women between the ages of 22-30 who love dating attractive, successful black men. We need women with exciting, sassy personalities who would be willing to compete for the heart of our bachelor and want to try and find true love.

We are casting women from around the country who are sexy, single and looking for love. If you are interested in applying, please send us the following information.

All auditions will be conducted via Skype

1. Name

2. Age

3. Occupation

4. A brief description of yourself (family, dating history, personality, etc.)

5. The best phone # and email to reach you

6. A few pictures

Black bachelor dating show

Black bachelor dating show